Who We Are

About Us

Unelec International Co., based in Paris, France, as a General/EPC contractor which has developed the essential capabilities for execution of projects of any size in the fields of Power on international markets from Central Asia to the Middle East and to Eastern Africa has established a subsidiary, Palm Infrastructure Contracting LLC., (PIC) in Muscat, Oman with the aim of execution of projects in renewable energy sector in general, and solar power plants in particular with focus on the concept of de-centralized energy system. Indeed, this subsidiary in Oman is deemed as the regional headquarter of Unelec International in the Middle East and beyond. The reasons for selecting Oman is the strategic location of this country. The geographic location of Oman, with 2092-km coastline, on the eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula is very conducive to exporting products (i.e. services and goods) to GCC countries and other countries located in the Middle East, South Asian countries and African countries. On top of execution of renewable energy projects, PIC has focused on Import and Export equipment in power, water & sewage, and oil & gas sectors in Oman thanks to geographical advantages of Oman i.e. its closeness to West Asia, South Asia and Eastern Africa.

Our Vision

Create sustainable societies through making power accessible and reliable that is a foundation for sustainable economic growth by utilizing Distributed Generation system.

Our Mission

• Treating our clients as our partners;
• Monetizing business opportunities for our suppliers;
• Creating added value for our strategic partners by managing business risks and financial risks;
• Managing the environmental impacts of our operations;
• Creating job opportunities in societies.

Our Value

• Considering professional ethics in working environment
• Employing and retaining competent workforce
• Improving employee satisfaction and morale
• Providing equal opportunities at workplace


Palm Infrastructure Contracting LLC., (PIC) is a pioneer in employing Operational Excellence business model for executing infrastructure projects to better satisfy our clients’ expectations and those of societies at large.
To implement this business model, we have designed a supply chain with focus on improving our relationship with suppliers, EPC contractors and clients by utilizing our capabilities in executing renewable energy projects, considered as our core business.
Having established our supply chain based on the operational excellence, we have been able to supply quality and reliable EPC services while employing cutting-edge technology at competitive prices as well as to execute and complete projects according to the determined schedule by our clients around the world.
Our workforce rest assured that they can meet, through this business model, the goal of PIC that is making electric power accessible and reliable.

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